About me

My name is Nick Pane. I am a Father, a Veteran and a professional Videographer, photographer and Drone Pilot based in Arizona. I spent a greater part of my life in the Navy, but left the service after 10 years so I could be with my son. After I left, I spent a year and a half figuring out what I wanted from this life while heading overseas a few more times. On those adventures, my love for the visual arts grew considerably.

I spent time as the ship's photographer among my other duties in San Diego and at my next destination in Washington State, I developed an even deeper love for the outdoors and capturing memories through photography. Although I couldn't pursue it full time due to being gone and back quite a bit, it was something that always sat deep in me that I wanted to do. I had shot a few sessions and had a ton of adventures while in the Pacific North West.

After leaving the military life and the PNW behind, I ended up in Arizona so I could be with my son and create an even greater life for him and myself. This is part of that journey and it has been a major blessing with all the support that we've had through the years during not only the highs, but especially the lows.

Through these adventures, what has always hit home to me is seeing people in their environment and getting to know their stories. I love capturing them in states where the rest of the world fades away and everyone is in the present moment.

Your story matters and I want to help tell it. I truly feel photography and videography is a gift I need to give back and I would love to be part of your journey through this wild ride called Life.